Rapid Response

Having a conventional monitored burglar alarm system without the guarantee of an immediate in-person response is almost worthless! Sidas Security rapidly respond to an area or facility to immediately provide or implement a high-level security cordon area or a highly secured sensitive environment until the arrival of Law Enforcement Agency if required.

All our armed security guards have a firearm licenses, attend compulsory firearm safety courses and their firearms are maintained to the required standards.



Mobile Patrols

SSG operates a well-maintained fleet of marked vehicles; smart not only in looks, but also in technology and equipment. Our fleet is supported and co-ordinated by our 24/7 Control Room. We ensure minimal response time through our efficient and effective allocation of work in dealing with alarm responses. Our mobile patrols are also trained to help prevent incidents; we identify and report any damage to your assets or other issues that may pose security concerns.

We provide peace of mind through extra security protection – anywhere, any time. Random security checks mean that those up to no good never know when they could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

  • security checks
  • securing and locking premises
  • locking vehicles
  • securing property
  • lending a helping hand by switching off lights, turning off office equipment, etc.

We use the latest GPS technology to track and report on the activity of our patrol vehicles. This provides you with the verification of the time and duration of our activity at your site. We also use real-time tracking and monitoring technology at your site that monitors the activity of our personnel. This system can be tailored to your requirements. We work with you to develop the plan of activity then place wireless data monitors at selected points, these are triggered by the security officer during the patrol. You can view the information about your site at anytime and anywhere as information update is instantaneous and web based.





Current Projects

The greatest measure of our success is how well we please the CLIENT, . Our secrets of success are simple; happy staff leads to happy clients which in turn has led us to become an industry leader with an unsurpassed quality of service.



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